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Horticultural Consulting

Horticultural consultations are available to assist with the client's garden. We can deliver specialist advice with planting, pest and disease problems and how to improve the existing landscape

Landscape Design

The landscape design process begins with a consultation.

Foliage designs engages with the clients personal requirements to achive the highest level of excellence.

A brief/ preliminary plan is created outlining the key components to the design, as discussed with the client.

Concept Plan

The concept plan is a 2 dimensional plan of the over all proposed site. Construction detail drawings may also be included, council reports etc...

Project Management

Foliage designs also offers project management packages. We can design, oversee the works preformed through the construction period and further our commitment though a garden maintenance program.

Garden Maintenance

It requires expertise to maintain a garden to its full potential. Anna Blyton is a qualified horticulturalist and she nurtures gardens with the experience and knowledge she has gained through out the 12 years of practice.

A garden maintenance program is put together to insure the highest quality of works performed to the individual project and to the clients budget